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What to talk about with a man on a first date

The first date is quite an important event in the development of a relationship. Very often, it is on the first date that people form their opinion about a person and decide whether to continue the relationship. This article will provide advice for girls on how to behave on a date, what to talk to a man about, and what mistakes should not be made.
How to behave
From the first seconds, create situations in which you will need some help from a man. Shake out your hand, open the door, serve a napkin. This is important in order for him to feel like a man next to you. If you do everything yourself, he will feel uncomfortable. Rely on its taste. There is no need to say that you do not like the place to which he took you or something else. In this case, it is better to delicately offer your version. End your date at the height of your emotions. You don't have to sit on a date for 3-4 hours. As soon as you feel that the man really likes everything, he wants to continue talking with you on all sorts of topics, end the date. Delicately say that you have to go. This is necessary in order to maintain a man's interest in you, he must constantly miss you.
How to conduct a conversation correctly and start dating conversation
Do not tell everything about yourself at once. Women like to immediately tell the whole story about themselves. On the first date, you should not do this, then you will have a lot of time to tell the whole story of your life. On the first date, 80% of the conversation should be a man. Ask him about his career, some of his successes, ask how he achieved this. Compliment him, admire his intelligence, courage, the main thing is that these compliments come from the heart. Ease. The main thing in a conversation is ease. You don't need to burden a man with your problems, tell the bad periods in your life. You can tell about this delicately later. At the first meeting, tell only bright, positive stories. Also, there is no need to argue if you understand that your interlocutor is wrong, slowly change the subject, you should not prove him wrong. Mistakes not to be made Talking too much about yourself, or worse, just about yourself. Too many questions to ask. Don't turn a date into an interrogation. Don't talk about relationships. You can't tell your guy about all your exes. If the guy himself really wants to talk about his ex, then let him speak out, but there is one thing, but you can only tell positive moments, so that the bright feelings that he experiences while telling the story are projected onto you. Don't stare at him. This can be very embarrassing for the guy. Don't be smart. Of course, at the first meeting we want to show how smart we are. But in this case, the man will begin to see you not as a girl, but as a rival. Don't complain, don't talk about your complexes or health problems. If you tell him all the unpleasant details, the love will simply disappear.
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